Native American Heritage Association


Welcome to the BYU-Idaho Native American Heritage Association home page! Our purpose is to bring together other Native American students and/or all those who are interested, and introduce the culture(s) to everyone who is interested in our heritage.

Join us

We do not currently have a Native American Heritage Association President. Please contact us if you are interested by emailing, calling, or coming into the Rigby 272 M-F between 2 and 5 pm.

President: Madeline Hoof
Phone: 425-377-6441


Native American names and their meanings

Spokane Children of the Sun
Winnipeg Muddy Waters
Alaska Great Country
Milwaukee Rich Land
Niagra Thundering Water
Yosemite Grizzly Bear
Tuscon Black Base
Tallahassee Old Town
Arizona Silver Slabs
Arkansas Down Stream People
Idaho Sunrise

Fun Facts

Did you know that...

    1. There are more than 4.5 million Native Americans living in Canada and the United Staes
    2. Twenty six states in the United States have names which originate from Native American languages.
    3. Native Americans are the only U.S. minority group that must legally prove its minority status (race or ethnicity).
    4. A reservation is land a tribe reserved for itself or assigned to the tribe when it relinquished other land areas to the U.S.
    5. There are 302 Forested Indian Reservations which encompass 17.9 million acres of Native American forest lands—7.7 million acres of timberlands and 10.2 million acres of woodlands.
    6. Native American land contains an estimated 10% of all energy resources in the United States
    7. Native Americans do not get payments from the government for being Indian. However a tribe or individual may receive payment of income from their lands and resources that the federal government administers for them, such as fees collected from grazing leases.
    8. Indians do not speak one language; English is the primary language of Native Americans. However, nearly 250 tribal languages are still spoken as a second language.