Student Association Directory

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Get involved by joining an Association! Come connect with people from home, catch up with mission buddies, or just learn about a culture you're interested in. If you and a group of friends would like to start an association that is not listed, just complete the charter registration form, email it to us (, and you'll be on your way. Some of the past associations are curently innactive, but if you are interested in activated them shoot us an email at

To Join one of the current associations contact the Director:

Association Director Phone Email
Director Waiaka Kealamakia 808-989-2591
Coordinator Elise LaPorte 408-230-2266
Coordinator Jason Eberle 724-679-0839
Coordinator John Gervasi 440-533-5775
Coordinator Shayla Hardman 801-310-5660
Events & Communications Coordinator Mallory Goulding 720-366-1612
Events & Communications Coordinator  Taylor Hart 801-616-2401
African Heritage Daniel Ekpagha 208-219-2305
Arabic Valerie Carollo 719-425-1047
ASL Richard Boyer 281-344-8585
Australian Kailee Garner  208-739-6427
Brazilian Giovanna Fernandes 385-205-2809
Canadian Blake Pilling 208-270-4358
Celtic David Shannon 614-557-4454
Chinese Sarah Quass 801-361-7213
Converts Ivan Quiroz 425-435-1319
Desi TBD N/A N/A
Filipino Lowell Surio 650-866-9124
French Haley Packer 210-367-7698
German Joanna Fahl 801-588-9977
Hmong Team Moua 770-710-5087
Italian Alessandro Baielli 208-991-8713
Japanese Whitney Posey 937-830-3186
Korean Thomas Brazier 760-436-3628
Latino Alex Oliva 562-481-0504
Native American Heritage Stevie Rae Jones 307-272-7531
Polish Erica Schumacher 303-866-2009
Polynesian Katrina Bath 808-747-2323
Romanian Vlad Blaga 208-419-2466
Russian TBD N/A N/A
Scandinavian TBD N/A N/A
Thai Christoff Chelson  615-624-0248
Ukrainian TBD N/A N/A
Veterans TBD  N/A N/A
Vietnamese Daniel Harris 541-962-0493