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Useful Words

Whether you go to France, or just want to talk to people around campus, these words will help you blow them away with your language skills. Have fun!

Useful Words in French

Hi Salut
Good morning Bonjour
Bye au revoir
Thank you merci

Fun Facts:
1. French is the second most studied language in the world after English.
2. The most famous road bicycle race in the world, the Tour de France zig zags through the French landscape.
3. There are over 1000 different types of cheese made in France. The blue/green-veined Roquefort is the oldest variety. Its ripening process, which takes place in natural caves, dates back to the 17th century.
4. France is the most popular country in the world for tourism, with 83 million tourists in 2012.
5. Famous French inventions include the adding machine, the hot air balloon, the airship, the parachute, the submarine, the ambulance service, photography, animation and cinema.
6. The Eiffel Tower is painted every 7 years.
7. The croissant was actually invented in Austria.
8. Crêpes, one of the most popular food in Europe, originate from Brittany, in western France.