Welcome to the BYU-Idaho Converts Association webpage! We're so glad you're interested in this group and we'd love to have you at one of our meetings. We strongly encourage both converts, lifelong members, and non-members to show up and enjoy this new and growing association.

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President: Miriam Carmack
Phone: 208-419-6214
Email: car10004@byui.edu

Fun Facts

1. You really don't have to be a convert to be part of this group.
2. Every member of the Convert Association Presidency is a convert to the Church.
3. We're one of two associations that are not culturally based. 
4. The original printing of the Book of Mormon consisted of 5,000 copies. Since 1830, when the book was first published, 150 million copies have been printed in 107 different languages (as of August 2008). In 2005, 4,621,515 were distributed.
5. The October 2014 General Conference was the first broadcast to include General Authorities born in countries outside the United States giving talks in their native languages. Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong of the Seventy delivered his address in Cantonese.
6. The Relief Society is the oldest active and one of the larger women's organizations in the world. It was established in 1842.
7. The St. George Temple is the oldest operating temple in the Church. It was completed in 1878.
8. Out of the current 144 operating temples there are only 8 that do not have Moroni statues on them. St George, Logan, Manti, Laie, Cardston, Mesa, Hamilton (New Zealand), and Oakland. 
9. 15,082,028 Members Worldwide
10. Currently 144 Temples
11. The México City México Temple is the largest outside of the United States.