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Welcome to the BYU-Idaho Canadian Association home page!

Have you ever heard of things like poutine, garburator, curling, hoser, or just wanted to know a bit more about what goes on a little north of the USA? Well, O Canada! And welcome to the Canadian Association! Canadians make up the largest group of international students here at BYU Idaho, and we love to get together and have exciting, cultural, Canadian activities. Whether you're full Canadian, or a quarter Canadian, served your mission in Canada, or have no Canadian connections at all, we'd love for you to be a part of our association! So check out our facebook page, or come to our next activity; there's always room for more enthusiasts of this great country.

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We do not currently have a Canadian Association President. Please contact us if you are interested by emailing, calling, or coming into the Rigby 272 M-F between 2 and 5 pm.

President: Katelyn Murray
Phone: 808-348-6957

Useful Words

Whether you go to Canada, or just want to talk to people around campus, these words will help you blow them away with your language skills. Have fun!

Useful Words

Poutine French Canadian dish; French fries with gravy and cheese curds on top.
Beaver Tail A pastry
Nanaimo bar Delicious Canadian desert.
All-dressed chips You just need to try them
Ketchup Chips Chips that are ketchup flavored
Wonderbar Amazing chocolate bar
Aero Bar Another great chocolate bar
Smarties Chocolate, like M&Ms but better
Pop Common name for soda
Garburator Electric garbage disposal in the sink
Chesterfield Couch
Hoser Means loser (back in the day, the loser of the hockey game had to hose off the rink)
Chinook Warm dry wind in the winter or spring
Eves troughs The gutters on your house
Fire Hall Fire Station
Loony One dollar coin
Toonie Two dollar coin
Mounties These are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
First Nations Indigenous people of Canada
Hydro Short for Hydro electricity
Pot Hole Hole in the road
Parkade Parking garage
Runners Running shoes
Serviette A napkin
Utensils Forks, knives, spoons, that kind of stuff
Washroom Bathroom or restroom
Tuque Beanie (that thing you wear on your head in the winter)
Eh Huh. This word can technically be used anywhere, anytime, with anything
"How's she bootin'er?" How's it going?
"Busy as a Beaver" Very busy
"Phone me" Call me


Bag, flag, rag (anything with that same ending): B-egg
Pasta: First "a" is short, like in "rat".
Mazda: Same thing as pasta
Again: A-gain (say it the way it's spelt)
Sorry: S-or-ee
Tomorrow: Tom-or-oh
Mom: Mum
Drama, Lava (other words like this): Same rule as pasta
About: A-boot (I personally don't know anyone that says it this way)

Fun Facts

  1. Canada became a country on July 1, 1867
  2. Canada has a population of about 34.4 million
  3. 19 percent of Canada's population is made up of immigrants, only Australia surpasses this
  4. Canada has 10 provinces and three territories
  5. Canada's capital city is Ottawa
  6. Canada has two official languages: French and English
  7. The first Prime Minister of Canada was Sir John A. Macdonald
  8. Canada's current Prime Minister is Stephen Harper
  9. Life expectancy in Canada is 80.7 years
  10. Canada's official sport is Lacrosse
  11. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Canada was -63 degrees Celsius (that's -81 degrees Fahrenheit!) at Snag, Yukon, on February 3, 1947. This was without wind-chill!
Cool Canadian Inventions:
  1. Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell (1874)
  2. Basketball - James Naismith (1892)
  3. Five-pin bowling - Thomas E. Ryan (1909)
  4. Insulin (as diabetes treatment) - 1921
  5. Snowblower - Arthur Sicard (1927)
  6. Electron Microscope - Late 1930s
  7. Snowmobile - Joseph-Armand Bombardier (1937)
  8. Antigravity suit - Wilbur R. Franks (1940)
  9. Canadarm (robotic arm on the International Space Station) - 1988

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