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African Heritage Fun Facts

Fun Facts

did you know that...

Fact 1:
There are 54 countries in Africa.

Fact 2:
One of the oldest universities in the world is in Timbuktu, Mali. By the 12th century Timbuktu was home to three universities. Over 25,000 students attended one of the Timbuktu universities in the 12th century.

Fact 3:
Nigeria is the most populated country with over 145 million people.

Fact 4:
Sudan is the largest country by area.

Fact 5:
Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and the world’s second largest fresh water lake.

Fact 6:
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest point in Africa. It tops out at 19,340 feet above sea level.

Fact 7:
The hottest place in the world is recorded at Al’Aziziyah in Libya.

Fact 8:
About half of the world’s diamonds come from southern and central Africa. The largest gem quality diamond ever found (the 3106.75 carat Cullinan Diamond) came from the Premier Mine near Pretoria. It was found in 1905.

Fact 9:
Three of the world’s largest gold producers have their primary operations in Africa – Harmony Gold, Gold Fields and Anglogold Ashanti.

Fact 10:
Four of the five fastest land animals live in Africa. The cheetah is the fastest and can run at 60 mph.