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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If my son or daughter is serving a mission and would like to apply for a scholarship, what is the proper procedure?

Individuals or family members may submit a portfolio for an incoming freshman or for a continuing (returning) student by following the same procedures as those shown on our Scholarship Information page.

Q. If I receive a scholarship, but plan on serving a mission, will my scholarship be held for me when I return?

Yes, your scholarship can be held for you until you return. First, contact the Department office so that we can note this in your record. Second, before you return, it is your responsibility to write or e-mail us two weeks before the start of the semester you plan to return.  This will allow us to have your  scholarship ready when you return.

Q. After submitting a portfolio, when and how will I hear back from the Department about my application?

Our Department will notify you via your BYU-Idaho campus email approximately three weeks following the review date. Please do not call the Department office prior to that time.

Q. I'll be visiting the BYU-Idaho campus and would like to know if I could meet with the Department Chair or an Art instructor?

Please phone us or e-mail us at the numbers shown below. Let us know the day and time you will be here and what emphasis area you are considering. We will then make an appointment with the appropriate instructor for you.

If you have questions concerning the Department of Art, e-mail us at: artsec@byui.edu or call us at (208) 496-4900.