Info Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design (560-78)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is a specialized professional degree, which allows students to investigate their chosen studio emphasis area in as much depth as a bachelor's degree allows. Acceptance into the BFA degree is based on an application/portfolio review. This application process occurs at the end of a students' sophomore year. The BFA degree requires more credit hours within the discipline than the standard (BA) degree. Because of the credit requirements, a minor is not allowed for students who pursue the BFA. The BFA degree culminates in an exhibition or project overseen by a mentor(s). Completion of this project/exhibition to the standards of the BFA committee members is required to graduate with the BFA degree.

Students who study Graphic Design at BYU-Idaho receive instruction in the technical, aesthetic, and theoretical approaches to Graphic Design with a focus on user experience. Upon graduation students will exhibit a project demonstrating their mastery of the technical and aesthetic principles learned. Our students will be prepared to take advantage of opportunities in the areas of print and web design