There are several sources of scholarship funding available to applied plant science students. We encourage you to look into the listings in the top right corner, and pursue these avenues of outside financial aid. Please be aware that many scholarships have definite deadlines.

The University awards scholarship based on student performance. As you establish yourself as a worthy canditate, the scholarship office determines your eligibility depending on your GPA, then awards scholarship funds on a graduated scale from quarter tuition to full tuition. We encourage you to work hard to prove yourself, and make yourself eligible for these awards.
We also encourage you to apply for additional scholarships that come from outside of campus from various parts of the Horticulture Industry. We will place links and information on this page to assist you in finding scholarship support. If you become aware of any additional information, please contact the department and forward it on so we can bless the lives of more students. Please feel free to email:

Here is a link that will provide access to several scholarships.
You should check it out right away, then look further into the links and information below:

Garden Writers Association
The Garden Writers Association Foundation Board of Directors awards scholarships to students in horticulture who also take classes in Journalism. So if you are interested in a career that combines horticulture and writing, and take a cluster of writing classes, you should apply for this funding.
GWAF Kathleen Fisher Memorial Scholarship, and general scholarship grants
Garden Writers Associatioin Foundation
10210 Leatherleaf Ct. Manassas, VA 20111-4245 tel 703.257.1032 fax703.257.0213 email: info@gardenwriters.org

TOCA Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association
The Turf and Ornamental Communicators Associatioin will award one $2500.00 fall semester scholarship (2009-10 academic year) to undergraduate college students pursuing a career in green industry communications. DEADLINE is 1 March 2009
here is a link to the application:

AFE American Floral Endowment
There are several scholarships that are offered by the AFE. Here is a link to the education portion of the website. You will find links to the various opportunities there.

INLA Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association
There are typically four awards given each year by the INLA. Here is a link to the scholarship portion of the organization's web page:

PLANET Professional Land Care Network
The BYU Idaho Hort Program is accredited by PLANET, and has been a great support, particularly for those students who are involved in the field days activities. Make sure to apply for this if you are planning on participating on the PLANET team from BYU Idaho
Click here for a pdf file application

AIFD American Institute of Floral Designers
There are scholarships available for students to participate in the annual design symposium during the summer. Look at the web site for further details about the location and dates of the symposia.
Click here for a pdf file application

Texas State Florists' Association
The Texas State Florists' Association offers scholarships for students attending any accredited college or University. check out the link below to see if y'all qualify.

click here for the TSFA endowment page with scholarship information

National Capitol Area Federated Garden Clubs Inc.
for students who have a permanent residence in the areas proximate to the nation's capitol.
click here for information about scholarships available, and eligibility requirements.

IIEA Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association

The association has organized a scholarship program to assist students destined for water utilization related fields. Scholarships range from $500 to $1200 per student.
click on the above link, then click on "scholarship" for more information and to download a pdf application form.

Shinoda Scholarship Foundation

The Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc. awards scholarships to undergraduate students specializing in some phase of Floriculture. Click herefor more information about the scholarships that are available.

Environmental Care Association of Idaho

ECA of Idaho Scholarship awards of $500.00 or more are offered each year. Scholarships are given directly to the recipient, and are awarded at the annual conference. "Through this scholarship, it is ECA members hope to help enable the youth of today to realize their dreams of tomorrow." 
The scholarships are available to any student enrolled in an accredited two or four year program i the state of Idaho and pursuing a degree in Horticulture or Agricultural related field. Awards are based on scholastic record as well as student's drive toward employment in an ECA related industry, and on future goals and ambitions . Click here for an application form.


Horticulture Research Institute (a division of the American Nursery and Landscaper Association ANLA )

HRI offers scholarships, as well as research grants, each year.   The following link will lead you to  more information about these offers, how, and when to apply.