BYU Idaho Horticulture Programs
Floral design AAS and BS floral design emphasis report format Hort 298

Explanation of the Final Internship Report

 This report must be submitted to the department coordinator (the person at BYUI who supervised your internship experience) at the conclusion of your internship experience before credit will be granted for Hort 298.   The Internship Office will email you, and ask you to complete an exit survey by email.  Please make sure you complete it as soon as you are given an email notification.  You should keep a journal while on internship and draw from your journal entries for this final report.  The Final Report is a collection of your experiences and observations.  Place the written portions of the report in a Power Point  or Word format, with photos that illustrate the things that you have learned.  You  may want to use some of these photos in your portfolio too, but in this report, please use them to create a story line of your internship experience. 


Please include the following information in your report:


Title Page
Table of Contents

 Describe your internship provider, or supervisor, including name, background, education
 Describe the business     . Size of business - number and type of employees
    . When established and background
    . Location
    . Nature of business
    . Product and service lines
    . Organizational structure    . Personnel - experience, training, etc.
    . Layout of Physical Facilities

Answer the following questions:
    . What were evidences of good management- planning, execution, evaluation
    . Were the objectives of the firm clear?
    . Were labor and management relations good?
    . What is the firm doing especially well?
    . Outline the routines of the business - personnel training, orientation, meetings, etc.
    . Review any staff meetings and consultations between you and the management
    . Were there seasonality problems in the business?  How were these handled?
    . What part of the business (depts., merchandise lines, service, etc.) Were most profitable?  

    . What type of advertising and sales promotion methods were used?
    . Discuss special merchandising techniques used such as employee uniforms, plant identification signs, displaying techniques, etc.
    . Was their record keeping system used to get information for management in decision making?


 Include an evaluation of the following:
 . Attainment of your Internship Objectives
    . Did you have a rewarding experience?
    . What did you do on the job that was most valuable?
    . What new skills did you acquire?
    . What leadership responsibilities were you given?
    . Did you have adequate exposure to the management?
    . Did you meet people in industry such as growers, salespeople, etc?
    . How was your relationship with the other employees?

 How has this internship experience helped you in your university education?
Were you adequately prepared for your internship?  

        Did you participate in Flower Center and Portfolio to prepare yourself for the internship?

        List skills you learned at BYU Idaho that were especially useful while serving as an intern.
        What additional skills would have been helpful?