Product Developmemt

Product development facilities consist of both a traditional benchtop product development workspace and a production-scale kitchen.  In each of these adjacent spaces, there are flexible utility adaptor stations equipped with natural gas hook-ups and variable electric power options, allowing larger scale equipment (ovens, fryers, mixers, soft-serve machine, etc.) to be moved in and out of these spaces according to project needs.  The combined spaces are used for instructional purposes (Intro to Food Science/Product Development courses) and can accommodate 24-36 students depending on nature of the activity. To view more photos of the product development and other facilities click here.

Featured Facilities 

  • Production-scale kitchen: Commercial gas ranges/ovens (30 burners, 8 full-size ovens), convection oven (electric) with steam injection, char-broiler (gas), flat-top stainless steel griddle (gas), commercial fryer (gas), portable stainless steel tables (6)
  • Benchtop space: Three 18' work benches, portable induction burners (12), residential convection ovens (6), commercial double-stack convection oven (gas), dough proofer
  • Miscellaneous shared equipment: Commercial refrigerator and freezer units, adjacent walk-in freezer and refrigerator, Robot Coupe food processors, Kitchen-Aide benchtop commercial mixers, hand-held immersion blenders, commercial blenders, assorted cookware
  • Ware washing: A ware washing room, equipped with a four-compartment sink and high-temperature commercial dishwasher, is accessible from both workspaces.

Benchtop Product Development Space

Production Scale Kitchen

Ware-washing area