Mentored Research

This laboratory is a satellite analytical space directly adjacent to and physically connected with the Food Analysis Laboratory, with equipment and glassware shared between the two facilities (refer to the Food Analysis facility for additional equipment details).  The mentored research area provides dedicated bench space to students conducting industry-sponsored or faculty-directed research projects, which may provide academic credit to students (Food Science Research course).  Specific equipment located within this space includes the following. To view more photos of the product development and other facilities click here.

Featured Facilities 

  • Laboratory equipment:  Benchtop centrifuge, vacuum/temperature-assisted rotary solvent evaporator, nitrogen solvent evaporator (N-EVAP), water baths (conventional, circulating, shaking, etc.), Udy cyclone mill, mechanical pipettes, stirrer/hotplates, vortexers, dessicators, analytical balance, etc.
  • Ancillary items: Chemical fume hood; Millipore water purification system for ultrapure water; assorted glassware, lab utensils, and supplies