General Processing Lab

This flexible space is designed to facilitate small-scale processing of a broad range of food products, and is equipped with nine mobile, stainless steel tables/workspaces (6' x 2.5'), which may also be removed to accommodate setup of a small processing line as needed.  There is a utility adaptor station (equipped with natural gas hook-ups and variable electric power options) that allows for specialized processing equipment to be moved in and out of the space based on project needs, as well as an adjacent storage room for equipment stowage.  The facility is wash-down in nature, and is equipped with spray hoses (hot water, foam, sanitizer) for cleaning and sanitization.  The space is utilized for instructional purposes (Food Processing, Food Engineering, Food Product Development courses), accommodating up to 20 students at a time.

Featured Facilities

  • Product Preparation/Mixing/Separations: Vegetable abrasion peeler, French fry cutter/wedger, industrial vegetable slicer/dicer, Pasta sheeter/cutter/extruder with ravioli attachment; industrial Hobart mixers, electric food mill, Ro-Tap sieve shaker
  • Cold storage: Commercial refrigerator and freezer, blast chiller, industrial ice machine, adjacent walk-in freezer and refrigerator
  • Heat Processing/Baking: Steam jacketed kettles (5 and 25 gallon), Rationale combi-oven, commercial range/oven (gas), commercial pizza oven, commercial microwave oven, pressure canners equipped with commercial an Ellab wireless temperature data logger, commercial frier (gas)
  • Dehydration: Tray dehydrator, freeze-dryer
  • Juice Processing: Apple press/juicer, UV pasteurization unit, piston filler
  • Shelf-life Assessment: controlled temperature/relative humidity environmental chambers (2)