Mission Statement

The BYU-Idaho Professionals groups foster a culture of mentorship and replenishment by encouraging alumni to help connect students, alumni, and professionals. Both new students and seasoned alumni have a need to develop their network. These groups are a great resource to find meaningful connections within their network. These connections are a blessing to the lives of all involved.

The BYU-Idaho Professionals groups provide students a culture for mentorship and growth, and they encourage professional alumni to stimulate internship opportunities as well as hire, promote, and develop students and fellow alumni. They use various tools to accomplish these goals: LinkedIn, BYU-Idaho Alumni Placement Manager, Alumni Office, Career Navigator, Power to Become Conference, etc.

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Peer Professionals

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Young Professionals

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Alumni Professionals

If you are a student, join the Peer Professionals group first. As you gain experience, join the Young Professionals group. Then after graduation, you will be automatically placed into the Alumni Professionals group. If you have already graduated without joining a professionals group, then simply request admission to the Alumni Professionals group.

Before group membership is obtained, future members complete a few requirements that are listed on each group page. The BYU-Idaho Alumni Office then manages the membership approvals.

Alumni and Professionals Link to the video

Alumni & Professionals
Watch this short video that illustrates the vision of the BYU-Idaho Professionals LinkedIn Group and shows how you can mentor students and develop meaningful relationships.