The BYU-Idaho Alumni Relations Office, in support of Internships and Career Services, is building a growing network of alumni professionals. The primary objective is to facilitate valuable connections between students and alumni, allowing them to support each other. This support can come in the form of career advice, internship opportunities, and career placement. While we have had success in building a large network, valuable connections are more likely to happen on the college and department level. Our goals include to help ensure more professionally prepared graduates and improve placement rates.

Accordingly, we have begun piloting Professional Advisory Councils among different colleges and departments. The objectives of these councils are to 1) know and improve student placement rates and 2) inform department decisions with specific industry needs. While total autonomy and control remains with the department/college, the Alumni Advisory Councils are encouraged to give meaningful input on curriculum and other policy considerations.

The size and makeup of each council would be determined by the college dean or department chair, working with the Alumni Relations Office to identify potential council members, drawing particularly from the BYU-Idaho Professionals Group. After potential candidates are identified, the college or department representative makes direct contact.

Each council should meet at least once every semester to review topics like current placement rates, industry needs, curriculum, internships, etc. Implementation of advancements and innovations should also be explored and encouraged. These meetings will be directed by the college/department representative and attended by all council members (either physically or virtually). It is also recommended that a formal agenda be prepared for each meeting and that detailed notes be taken so that they can be forwarded to all necessary parties (including the Alumni Relations Office).

If you are an alumni professional that is interested in working with an Advisory Council, or if you would like to nominate a qualified individual, please fill out the following form and/or contact the Alumni Office directly.