All advising offices are located in the Chapman building. Check in for your appointment at Chapman 101.

*For all online students: Call (208)496-9898 or go to


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Academic Advising: Main Office (208)496-9800 Career Exploration, Foundations, Associate of General Studies, Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies or University Studies, General Advising, and Special Needs Advising. Click here for Internship Processing & Registration needs.
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (208)496-1411 Animal and Food Science, Applied Plant Science, Biology, Health, Recreation and Human Performance
College of Business and Communication (208)496-1411 Accounting, Business Management, Communication, Computer Information Technology, Economics, Web Design & Development, Agribusiness
College of Education and Human Development (208)496-9850 Home and Family, Psychology, Religious Education, Sociology and Social Work, Teacher Education
College of Language and Letters (208)496-1411 English, Languages and International Studies, History, Geography, Political Science, Humanities & Philosophy
College of Performing and Visual Arts (208)496-9870 Art, Music, Theatre and Dance
College of Physical Sciences and Engineering (208)496-9880 Design and Construction Management, Chemistry, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Civil Engineering, Automotive and Welding Programs