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Major to Career: Interdisciplinary Studies Degree

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) is designed for students who wish to create an educational experience that bridges two or more disciplines (a discipline is a subject such as Math, Business, Art, or English). For the IDS degree, students do not select a major course of study; rather, they select an area of focus called a concentration. A concentration has between 30-36 credits, and we have 45 concentrations to choose from. With a concentration selected, students can choose one of the following to round out their degree: a minor, or two clusters, or a second concentration to round out your degree.

An IDS degree is suited best for students who want to diversify their educational experience and tailor a degree to their unique interests and desires. It can be an excellent preparation for professional schools such as law and medicine, for graduate programs in a variety of areas. Students preparing for graduate schools often tailor this degree to be what they need in particular for entrance into their graduate programs.

Students selecting the IDS degree tailor this degree to match their particular interests, values, and competencies. See the various concentrations to select from and the minors or clusters that are available to round out this degree.

To learn more about the Interdisciplinary Studies degree at BYU-Idaho click, visit our Academic Catalog and scroll down to Academic Departments and select the "Interdisciplinary Studies" department link. You can also view the concentration, minor and cluster course requirements by viewing the relevant department links listed on the Academic Catalog.

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