Major to Career: Geography

Geography is the study of the relationship between the earth and people, culture and the environment. Geographers receive training in both the natural and social sciences, which prepares them for a wide range of careers in business, government, planning, and teaching. Students can choose either a comprehensive major or a traditional major with emphases available in physical geography, human geography or geographic techniques. Students may also choose to major in geography teaching. Whatever emphasis a student selects, the skills a geography degree provides makes employment in diverse fields possible.

As geography major, students gain knowledge of different cultures, and environments by studying both land and people. They also become conversant in their knowledge of maps. Geography students expand their understanding of agricultural productivity, urban housing, waste disposal, environmental quality, and the value of land and real estate.

Students of geography usually have a desire to influence people and help them adapt to their environments. They seek intellectual growth and a sense of achievement. Most geography students are resourceful and have a spirit of scientific inquiry.

  • American Indian/Native American Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Geography & Cartography
  • History
  • Urban Studies & Affairs
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