Major to Career: Emergency Medical Services Administration

Emergency medical services providers help people in health or life threatening situations. The most highly trained pre-hospital EMS providers are EMT (emergency medical technicians) paramedics, who care for patients on site and then help get them to the hospital. As workers or volunteers for ambulance services, fire departments, hospitals, and government based services, EMT’s may be called in to help someone suffering from a broken toe one hour, and someone else having a massive heart attack the next.

In this major, you develop the problem-solving, critical thinking, and management skills necessary to function independently in pre-hospital setting. You learn how to recognize, assess, and manage medical emergencies; to supervise and ambulance personnel; and to carry out medical interventions from basic response, such as bandaging, to high level techniques, such as administering medication, providing cardiac care, and performing advanced airway measures.

If you major in emergency medical services, you usually take courses such as anatomy and physiology, disease process, pharmacology, cardiology, medical and trauma assessment, hazardous material, bioterrorism, and vehicle rescue. Liberal arts courses teach you how to communicate and work with patients and with other health professionals. Courses are taught in a number of ways, ranging from lecture format to Web-based scenario practice. In classrooms and labs, you learn and practice skills such as intravenous insertion, intubation and defibrillation.

  • Working with all types of people
  • Helping people in times of crisis
  • An ability to take command and fast action while thinking on your feet
  • Ability to focus on details
  • An interest in sports, technology, science, and medicine
  • Paramedic
  • Emergency Room Technician
  • Firefighter
  • Police Officer
  • Occupation Health Officer
  • State Office of EMS Employee
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency Employee
  • Infection Control Officer
  • EMS Coordinator
  • EMS Supervisor
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