What is dance?

A dance degree is a liberal arts degree housed in the Department of Theatre and Dance. The field of dance includes training in both traditional and non-traditional dance. While focusing on the development of performers, choreographers and educators, dance programs also encourage the emergence of new, diverse, and creative dance techniques and styles.

Why should I consider majoring in dance?

Dance students enrich the cultural life of the campus and community. Although a college degree in dance is not necessary to perform, it is necessary for those who want to teach dance in college, high school or elementary school. A dance degree also provides a foundation for those who want to develop a career in the arts, but not necessarily perform. Because dance is such a physically strenuous activity, many dancers retire at an early age, but use their college degree in order to remain in the field.

What interests and values are related to dance?

Students of dance are usually creative, imaginative, and expressive. Dancers enjoy performing, and are physically well conditioned. They often enjoy expressing themselves through drawing, painting, and other hobbies as well.

What career fields are related to dance?

  • Artist-in-residence
  • Dancer
  • Dance Therapist
  • Public Relations Manager Choreographer
  • Private Teacher
  • Press Agent
  • Dance Designer: costume, lights
  • Leisure and Recreation Instructor
  • Business Manager Technician
  • Dance Company Rehearsal
  • Director
  • Personal Manager Consultant
  • College Professor Personnel Mgr: Dance
  • Company Sound Person
  • Pilates/Body Conditioning
  • Instructor
  • Booking Agent Ballet Mistress/Master
  • Public School Teacher
  • Grants Specialist
  • Arts Council Director

How can I learn more about dance?

Occupational Outlook Handbook

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