What is construction management?

Construction management is guiding a construction project from conception to completion. It entails the design, contracting, and supervision of construction projects. Students studying construction management gain an overview of essential engineering basics. They obtain knowledge of business accounting, cost control, project analysis, architectural drafting, supervision of construction projects, and more.

Why should I consider majoring in construction management?

Construction Management offers a path that leads to professional management in the construction of buildings, transportation systems, industrial systems, and energy-related construction projects. Construction Management enables students to apply advanced materials, construction, and design techniques to construction problems. Students learn to organize the available workforce and materials to design, manage, and support construction projects.

What interests and values are related to construction management?

Construction managers usually enjoy problem solving, science, and engineering. They have some artistic abilities, and they possess both managerial and technical skills. People involved with construction management like to stay current on technological advances. They have computer skills and also work well with people.

What career fields are related to construction management?

  • Architectural Drafting/CAD Technology
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering Technology
  • Architecture-Related Programs
  • Carpentry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Construction Finishing/Management/Inspection
  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Engineering Technology
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Trades
  • Drafting/CAD/Design Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Electrical/Power Transmission Installation
  • Ground Transportation
  • Mason & Masonry
  • Mechanical Drafting/CAD Technology
  • Plumbing & Related Water Supply Services
  • Woodworking

How can I learn more about construction management?

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