Major to Career: Biology Education

Biology is the study of the structure, function, heredity, and evolution of all living things-microorganisms, fungi, plants, and animals. Secondary education prepares you to be a high school teacher. You learn the curriculum and methods of teaching a specific subject, in this case biology.

Biology Education would be a great major for you if you like studying science, the earth, the body, and enjoy being around teens 14-18 and teaching them new concepts and ideas.

You'll learn how to work with students, along with the necessary details involved in a biology major including but not limited to: creation of life, plants, earth, anatomy, cells, etc.

You need to be able to be patient with teenagers, explain simple and complex concepts, and want to help people learn about new ideas.

The fields that are related to biology education are: Biology, Marine Biology, Secondary Education, Elementary Education, Anatomy, Pre-Med, etc.

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