Major to Career: Animal Science

Animal science is the study of growth, breeding, genetics and reproductive biology of livestock. It involves caring for, selling and growing livestock, and focuses on the scientific research of animals, including drugs and poisons that directly affect livestock.

Animal science is a productive major for students who want to do graduate work in the animal sciences or who want to pursue a career in livestock production. There is a large variety of job opportunities, including caring for pets, ensuring safe food supplies, preserving endangered species, and protecting the public from animal-borne diseases.

People who enjoy animal science often like working with and around animals, riding horses, attending rodeos, playing and watching polo. They may also like competing in or watching equestrian competitions. They are usually strong in the sciences, especially biology.

  • Agricultural & Biological Engineering
  • Agricultural & Domestic Animal Service
  • Agricultural & Food Products Process
  • Agricultural Production Operations
  • Animal Sciences
  • Biochemistry/Physics & Molecular Biology
  • Biological & Biomedical Science, Other
  • Biology, General
  • Ecology & Conservation Biology
  • Fishing & Fisheries Sciences & Mgmt
  • Marine/Aquatic Biology
  • Physiology, Pathology & Related Sciences
  • Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Veterinarian)
  • Wildlife & Wildlands management
  • Zoology/Animal Biology
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