Quick Guide to BYU-I

Early Stage

Middle Stage

Late Stage

*Please pay careful attention as to where you should take these forms when completed.

Custom Cluster Form:

Use this form to create a proposed custom cluster. (The form can be filled out on your computer and then printed.) It should be turned into the advising center where the content is housed. (Example: if you have a Business cluster, take the completed form to the Business & Communication Satellite Advising Center, not to the Advising Center of your major.) The form can be completed digitally and then printed.
Cluster Approval Form

Request to Waive or Substitute Course Requirements:

Use this form to request to waive or substitute course requirements. Students should meet with their Academic Discovery Center to complete this form.

Request to Waive or Substitute Course Requirements Form

Student Records and Registration Forms:

Use this link to access all of the SRR forms, including Course Substitution/Waiver, Vertical Credit, and Double Major/Minor forms.
SRR Forms

Interdisciplinary Studies and University Studies Degree Application Forms:

The Interdisciplinary Studies and University Studies degrees are declared through an application process. To receive the application forms and process for these degrees, please meet with an Academic Advisor in the Academic Discovery Center located in 129 Manwaring Center.