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Continuing Student Deferment

"A Continuing Student Deferment allows a student to miss one of their on-track semesters without having to reapply for admission. If you have already done a Continuing Student Deferment before and need to defer again for reasons other than a mission or medical reasons, please contact the Admissions Office. Click here to learn more about the Continuing Student Deferment.

LDS Missionary Deferment

Are you planning to serve a mission? We are ready to help. Students leaving to serve an LDS Mission may hold their enrollment while they serve by completing the LDS Missionary Admission Deferment. Click here to learn more.

Medical Deferment

The Medical Deferment is used to help students deal with medical issues that prevent attendance during an assigned semester. Click here to learn more.

Spouse of Intern Deferment

The Spouse of Intern Deferment is used to help students defer a semester when an internship of a spouse prevents attendance during an assigned semester. The deferment also provides the opportunity to receive an override for the next off-track semester to allow the spouse of the intern to not fall behind in their graduation plans. Click here to learn more about the Spouse of Intern Deferment.

Military Readmission Policy

Due to the differing lengths of service required of military personnel, BYU-Idaho does not have a specific military deferment. If you will only need to miss one semester of your assigned track, we recommend the Continuing Student Deferment. If your absence will extend beyond one semester, please click here to learn about our readmission policy for students in the military. 

Please Note: *Students admitted to BYU-Idaho's Online Degree program are only required to defer for missionary service. Online students may miss up to two consecutive semesters without having to reapply. If more than two consecutive semesters are missed, the student's enrollment will be dropped.