Things To Do Before You Apply - New Freshman

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  1. Learn About Foundations and BYU-Idaho Majors: Foundations is BYU-Idaho's newly designed general education curriculum. Learn more at Whether you've already identified your major or want to do more research, BYU-Idaho's course catalog is the place to go for curriculum requirements, course descriptions, and more. Check it out at

  2. Learn About the Three Track System: BYU-Idaho's unique academic calendar consists of three full-length semesters: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each student is assigned to attend two semesters per year in a sequence called a track. The Three Track System allows BYU-Idaho to admit thousands of additional students every year who would otherwise be denied admission. The system also helps keep costs down by making better use of resources. Learn More about the Three Track System.

  3. Learn About the BYU-Idaho Learning Model: BYU-Idaho emphasizes learning through personal preparation, teaching and learning together with your instructors and peers, and by pondering and proving the things you've learned through personal application. Learn more about the Learning Model, how you and your instructors apply it, and what current BYU-Idaho students are saying about this innovative learning strategy.

  4. Find Out About Involvement/Student Life: Involvement outside of class is a big part of the BYU-Idaho experience! Find out what's going on at our events calendar at, or find out how you can get involved in organizations like Activities, Cultural Associations, Academic Societies, Student Representative Council, and more at and

  5. Check Admissions Requirements: Learn about what type of applicant you are, admission requirements, application deadlines, the Three Track System, and more.

  6. Learn About Our Committment: Learn more about our committment to innovative teaching and learning and lifelong spirituality and leadership.

  7. Take a Campus Tour: There's no better way to feel the ‘Spirit of Ricks' than by visiting campus! Free campus tours can be arranged for prospective students by calling (208) 496-1300. Campus Visit Days for newly admitted students are also held periodically throughout the year; learn more at
  8. Visit At you can find helpful tools to help you learn tips about paying for college, preparing for college and choosing a major.

  9. Review BYU-Idaho's Code of Honor: The Code of Honor is part of the greater principle of Student Honor, and a very important part of preserving and enhancing the spirit felt on campus. Learn more about BYU-Idaho standards and related concepts at

  10. Take the ACT / SAT: Spring of your junior year is an ideal time to take the ACT or SAT for the first time. Check with high schools and community colleges, which often offer prep courses or practice tests that will help you prepare. You can learn more about these tests at or respectively. (Plan to take the same test again in the Fall of your senior year; many students improve their scores the second time around!)