Three Track FAQ

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Three Track System FAQ

How are track assignments made?

Step 1: Prospective students apply to BYU-Idaho and receive an admission offer. A track offer is not made at this time. Applicants are invited to submit a supplemental online questionnaire that allows them to share information they feel BYU-Idaho should consider when determining their track offer.

Step 2: All information from the application and supplemental questionnaire is individually reviewed in light of current university needs. Applicants receive a track offer based on this review. Students remain on the same track through graduation.


What if I didn't fill out the online Track Questionnaire?

Information from the questionnaire can only be submitted for a certain time after the student is admitted. That time is specified in the admission email. If you do not respond to the questionnaire, your track assignment will be made based on information in your application.


Can I appeal my track assignment / change my track?

Because each track offer is based on the individual student's characteristics in coordination with the university's needs, track offers are non-negotiable. Students stay on the same track through graduation.


Can I swap tracks with someone else?

Each track assignment is made to an individual with distinct characteristics. As no two individuals are completely alike, swapping tracks would create an imbalance in the track system and is not permitted.


Why does BYU-Idaho use the Three Track System?

The track system allows BYU-Idaho to admit thousands of students every year who would otherwise be denied due to lack of university resources (space, staff, etc.).


I requested a certain track on the questionnaire, why didn't I get it?

Requests and needs indicated in the application materials are carefully considered in making track assignments, but not all requests can be granted while still keeping the tracks balanced. Track assignments are permanent. Some circumstances and requests are so common that BYU-Idaho is unable to accommodate them without creating severe disbalance in our enrollment. Such circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • Summer employment or other work opportunities
  • Vacations, reunions, or other travel plans
  • Desire to attend a certain track because of siblings, relatives, friends, preference, activities, or major
  • Desire to attend two semesters before leaving on a mission


I put Fall as my desired start date, but my track assignment says I need to wait and start in the Winter. Why?

Students are requested to indicate on the application the semester they desire to begin their enrollment. In some cases, some students may be asked to begin earlier or later than they requested in order to create a greater number of enrollment opportunities.