Returning Missionary Program Frequently Asked Question

Can I apply to the RM Program if I came home early from my mission?

  • Missionaries who come home early on a medical release may be reviewed on a case-by-case-basis for early readmission to BYU-Idaho; an updated application, including a new Ecclesiastical Endorsement from the missionary's bishop and stake president must be submitted prior to review.

Does the RM Program give me a track change?

Overrides given through the Returning Missionary Program are one-time overrides; students receiving these overrides will remain on the permanent track they are assigned following their admission to BYU-Idaho.

Can international students apply late through the RM Program?

Applicants who are not U.S. citizens are not eligible for early admission. U.S. law requires certain documentation and financial information that must be submitted at certain times in the application process. Thus, international applicants must adhere to regular admissions deadlines.

Can I fill out an LDS Missionary Deferment form while I'm on my mission?

Where possible, students are encouraged to submit the missionary deferment before entering the MTC. If the student does not do this, the missionary deferment may only be submitted while the missionary is still in the mission field. Students who have already returned from their mission should not fill out the missionary deferment; these students should reapply, but may still benefit from the flexible timelines explained

If I come to BYU-Idaho as a transfer student, will I be required to take the Foundations curriculum?

All BYU-Idaho students are required to complete the Foundations curriculum; transfer students who have received an Associate's degree prior to coming to BYU-Idaho will only be required to complete required religion courses and the FDCNC 250 Connections course. For more information on Foundations, click here.

Can I apply to the RM Program before my mission?

Missionaries should wait until after they have returned home to apply for the RM Program.