Returning Missionary Program (RMP)

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The Returning Missionary Program is a valuable tool for returning missionaries to continue their academic and spiritual development. These students will prove a great blessing to others on campus through their leadership and examples.

Services for Current BYU-Idaho Students

Because of varying missionary return dates, some returning missionaries must wait several months before they can enroll in the next semester of their assigned track. To create a more seamless transition from mission to study, missionaries returning to BYU-Idaho on deferment can now enroll in the next available semester, regardless of their permanent track.

*If the next available semester is part of a student's assigned track, there is no change involved.

Students whose next available semester will be their off-track semester will now be allowed to enter during that semester by contacting the admissions office at 208-496-1300. The student's track assignment does not change because of the appeal. Any student who receives this override will be required to attend the following two semesters of their regular track and may not defer either of those semesters.

Services for New Applicants

New applicants will not be held to traditional deadlines if they apply to the earliest semester available after their release. All application materials must be completed and submitted prior to an admissions decision. Returning missionaries who do not desire to enroll in the first available semester at BYU-Idaho need to meet regular deadlines for the semester in which they want to begin. Returning missionaries applying past the deadline should contact the admissions office at 208-496-1300.

Students whose native language is not English will be required to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), even if they are serving an English-speaking mission. More information on this examination can be found at

Applicants who are not legal permanent residents of the United States are not eligible for early admission. U.S. law requires certain documentation and financial information that must be submitted at certain times in the application process. Thus, international applicants must adhere to regular admissions deadlines.