Withdrawing Graphic

Dropping all classes from your schedule before the "withdrawal" deadline will result in you being withdrawn from BYU-I. You will not be allowed to withdraw after the deadline and will receive the grades earned in your courses. Before withdrawing from BYU-I please consider the following:

  • Eligibility for Tuition Refund
  • Possible Repayment of Financial Aid
  • Possible Loss of Scholarship
  • Eligibility to Remain in Student Housing
  • Loss of Campus Employment
  • Eligibility to Retain Health Insurance
  • Impact on Academic Record and Standing
  • Loss of Admission Status; Need to Reapply
  • Loss of Visa (International Students)

If you only need one semester off from your assigned track, or are leaving for a mission, a deferment may be more appropriate. Click here for more information on deferments.