Wellness Biggest Winner Program

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Biggest Winner
Winter 2015
Biggest Winner participant criteria:

1.      Affiliated with BYU-Idaho with a valid I #

2.      Complete the application.

3.      Take this document to your physician. He/she must give you permission and sign the waiver for you to participate in the Biggest Winner Program. You must tell your physician the details of the program before signing the release form and giving you permission to participate.

4.      Bring the Dr. signed along with your personal information name I#, what time you can work out, etc. to M.C. 101 ASAP. This signed document ensures you a spot in the program. It is a first come first serve program; we will take the first 40 - 48 applications. So don't delay.

5.      Email robisonl@byui.edu if you have any questions or cannot get your application in on time. Sister Robison only needs your Dr. signature and personal information ASAP. You will do the rest of the evaluation on the first Saturday of the program at the Wellness Center.

6.       Time commitment to the Biggest Winner: 8-10 hours per week plus every other Saturday for a team challenge. If you cannot dedicate this much time, please re-think your decision. Your team of 6-8 contestants will have a Student Wellness Coach Intern and student Trainer Intern to assist you in reaching your goals. You will meet with your nutritionist 1x per week and weigh in 2 X's per week to evaluate your nutrition and weight loss.

7.     Go to the Wellness Center, Hart 152 or call 208-496-7491 to make your appointment for your initial weight in and body fat composition. The Wellness Center opens the second Monday of the semester.

a.     Do not work out before assessment. $1.00 will be charged to your I-Card for body composition.

b.     Blood draw ($20.00) charged to your I-Card. Please come fasting 12 hours for this blood test.

8.     Qualifications to be a contestant. Women 25% and Men 20% body fat or above.

9.     There will be a 45.00 participate fee (charged to your I-Card, nonrefundable) to participate in the program.
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