Big Man On Campus/Tough As Nails

These programs are for males and females interested in improving their physical fitness in all domains. Students will have a chance to compete for prizes against each other in the program. Students will be tested in many aspects of fitness and whoever makes the biggest changes will receive prizes. There will be an initial and final assessment at the beginning and end of the semester. The participants will also have access to a nutrition consultant once a week and a fitness consultant as needed. Here participants can receive the best and latest research in how to eat to perform or gain mass. They will also have a guided workout as needed or even a workout program to follow, whichever suits them best.

Sign Up: Sign up for the program and initial assessments at the Wellness Center Front desk

The Tests:

The Test for Body Composition will test for your body fat % as well as your BMI and find your anthropometric measurement. With these three tests we can give you a clear idea of how much fat you have and where you hold it throughout your body. .

For the Strength Test, A 1 Rep Max Bench and Leg Press test will be administered at the beginning and end of the program to assess upper and lower body strength.

For the Endurance Test, A few different tests will be administered to find your endurance. A VO2 Max test will be done which shows your cardiovascular efficiency, then we also test muscular endurance through push-ups and curl-ups.

  • Available For Winter
  • Available For Spring
  • Available For Fall