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Talent Activities provides opportunities for students to explore the arts as they discover, develop and share their talents.

Winter Workshops

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Winter Shows

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Show Regulations

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Show Regulations

We'd love to have you perform in our shows!  Here's a quick look at the guidelines for participating. 

1. All performers should be either current BYU-I students (on or off-track) or a spouse of a current BYU-I student.
2. In order to allow more students the opportunity to perform, a performer will be allowed to perform in three Talent Activities Shows per semester. (Exceptions may apply if there are limited students auditioning.)...

3. Each individual can audition and perform only once in a show.  (Persons can only be in one group.)
4. Every member of the group must be at the audition in order to perform in the event.
5. If selected, performers must use the act with which they auditioned.
6. Lyrics  may not be altered on any cover song to replace an inappropriate word.    
7. A song with inappropriate lyrics or content, regardless of whether that part of the song is used or if it is instrumental, will not be allowed!  This includes mash-ups.  Songs should be BYU-Idaho honor code appropriate.  As to the appropriateness of your content, please use the For the Strength of the Youth pamphlet as your guide. The appropriateness of your lyrics and song will be subject to the discretion of the judges. Get approval from the Manager prior to auditions!
8. All performers should comply with BYU-I classroom dress and grooming standards. Hats will only be allowed as part of a costume in a themed show. No full face painting or masks.
9. No suggestive moves or kissing on stage.
10. Performance clothes should be worn at sound checks the day of the performance.
11. Electric guitars are acceptable for most shows, but must hook into house system.  Individual amplifiers are not allowed except in certain circumstances. Can use reverb, chorus, distortion pedals appropriately.
12. Performer should arrive at auditions with signed Rule Sheets and Information Sheets filled out. Arriving late may cause performers to forfeit their audition. For special needs or time changes, please work with the event Manager.
13. If selected, at least one representative from each act needs to attend a mandatory performer's meeting prior to the show in order to perform in the show.
14. All performers must attend sound checks, which will be scheduled within two - three hours prior to the performance.



Propose a New Activity

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Propose a New Activity

Think you have a great idea? Propose it and be a Manager over the event. 

Have a great idea? Make it a reality.

BYU-Idaho encourages students to explore ideas for new activities.  In fact, every aspect of Student Activities is run by Student Leaders.  The following information outlines how to get your new activity approved and implemented on campus.

Step #1:  Sharing your idea

To do this you will propose your idea through the online application below....

Buy Tickets

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Hart Advertising Requirements

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before 5 p.m. on the Monday prior to the show.

Production Entity (name of Group, Club, Depart. etc.) _______________________________
(No more than 2 videos will be accepted from a single productions entity. See technical specifications for information regarding multiple video submissions.  Only videos submitted from recognized and established campus groups will be accepted. )

Name of Commercial_____________________________________________________

File Name of Commercial_________________________________________________Total Running time__________       
Technical Specifications:
(Circle all that you can.)    
Formats Accepted: MOV,  MP4
Frame Rate: 29.97
Codec XDcam (Preferred), Apple Pro Res, or H.264
Video Size: 720x480, 1280x720, or 1920x1080 (preferred)
Aspect ratio: 4x3 or 16x9 (preferred)
Audio-Audio should peak at -12db  (that means the loudest part of the audio should not be above -12db)
File Size- No video is to exceed 10 Gigabytes
Length requirements:  You may submit 1 video of 1 min. OR 2 videos 30 sec. each  
Content requirements:  All videos must adhere to the BYU-Idaho Standards including the Honor Code.  Any video with questionable material will be rejected. There will be no allowance made for re-editing of rejected material after the due date. Make it appropriate the first time.
All videos must be submitted prior to or on the due date.  No exceptions will be made this year.  
Delivery of videos may be in the form of a Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, or DATA DVD.
(Please note that items will need to be kept for a couple of days to process and they will be available at the Activities Office)     
This sheet must accompany all videos submitted or they will not be accepted.   
I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to all of the above terms and conditions for the submission of my video.
Signature ___________________________________ Date____________________________________
NOTE: Hard drives will not be returned until after the show. Talent Activities is not responsible for missing hard drives. DVD's are recommended to avoid these problems.
Any questions contact: Mike Jeffs:   Event Services Video Coordinator 496-3203

Talent Activities provides opportunities for students to explore the arts as they discover, develop and share their talents.