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Temple to Temple Relay

2014 BYU-Idaho Temple to Temple Relay
Saturday, May 31, 2014  ***New Spring Date***

Online Registration here.

2014 Race Bible

A 39-mile running relay from the Rexburg Temple to the Idaho Falls Temple. Up to eight team members run legs varying in length from 2.6 - 7.3 miles (average 4.9 miles per leg).  Over 100 teams are expected to participate this Spring!  Open to BYU-Idaho students, employees, alumni and their dependents.  $15 per person registering by May 27.

List of those registered 

2013 Pictures  Results


May  31

Registration (online)
Team Captains should be the first person on their team to register. When doing so, she/he indicates:
1. Team name
2. Team size (8-person, 4-person, or 2-person)
3. Team category (men's, women's, mixed)
After the Team Captain has registered, then each team member may register him/herself. Before doing so, each team member should know these three things:
1. Team Captain's email address
2. Estimated 5k time
3. Leg number(s) he/she plans to run

Each participant will receive a t-shirt. All relay t-shirts will be the same color this year.

Team Sizes
Standard Teams - 8 Runners
Standard teams are made up of eight runners. Each member of the team completes one leg of the relay. Legs vary in distance from 2.6 to 7.3 miles, with the average distance being 4.9 miles.
Ultra Teams - 4 Runners
Ultra teams are made up of four runners. Each member of the team completes any two legs of the relay.
Duo Teams - 2 Runners
Duo teams are made up of two runners. Each member of the team completes any four legs of the relay.
Solo - 1 Runner
Solo runners must meet strict prerequisites in order to run.  Please contact the race advisor for details.
Note: Standard and Ultra teams with fewer runners will be allowed to participate. In such cases, one or more team members run more legs to make up the difference.

There are three divisions in each category: Men's, Women's, Mixed. To qualify for the Mixed division, teams must have at least half the relay legs run by women. To be in the Women's division, teams must be all women.

Dozens of volunteers are needed to help the day of the Relay. Volunteers can sign up here before May 20, 2014. Shift are available Friday night and the day of the race. The Relay would not be possible without the help of many volunteers. Volunteers will receive a race t-shirt.