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Midnight 5K

Check in will start at 11:00 pm at the Stadium. The race will begin at 12 midnight. Prizes will be given winners of the race. Register at the event the night which will close at 10 pm.

There will also be shirts to order for $12.50 each. They will be on campus 2 weeks after the event.

 Date: May 23rd    Fee: $2    Start Time: 12pm

Check out our facebook page for the Midnight 5K

Costumes must comply with the dress and grooming standards. The following is NOT appropriate: 

· Face paint must not cover the face

· Bib overalls (of any kind)

· Tight or revealing clothing

· Cross Dressing (Men dressed as Women, Women dressed as Men)

· Clothing or costumes that will endanger you or other participants

In the event that a participant is deemed to be dressed inappropriately, they will be asked to leave and can return to the contest when they meet the dress and grooming standards.