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Short-term (usually one-day) sporting events planned by students.

What is Sports Events?

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What is Sports Events?

Sports Events is a student-led organization within the Activities Department at BYU-Idaho. Whether it's providing leadership opportunities to students, helping plan an event, assisting in problem solving, or finding new ways to serve those around us, we assist Student Leaders and guide activities that greatly enrich the student experience at BYU-Idaho. ...

What is Sports Events?

Getting involved in events helps with the transition to college life as well as provides learning and fun outside the classroom! We look forward to seeing you at one of our many different events or stop by our office located in the Manwaring Center to learn how to get involved and make the most of your experience at BYU-Idaho.

Personal Honor

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Personal Honor

Involvement in Sports Activities at BYU-Idaho is an opportunity to strive for excellence in more than just execution of the game.  It is an opportunity to discover, build and develop personal strengths. Every participant is invited to understand the power of Personal Honor on or off the fields and courts.  We invite you to watch these short videos that show Personal Honor reflected in Sports Activities.  

Personal Honor

Propose A New Event

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Propose A New Event

Policies and Procedures

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Policies and Procedures


Sports Activities Policies and Procedures...

Policies and Procedures



BYU-Idaho makes reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. In order to ensure the accessibility of programs and services, we encourage anyone needing information, assistance and/or accommodation of any kind to contact the Sports office. Every effort will be made to find ways to assist with any special needs in a confidential manner.



Some eligibility restrictions are necessary to provide fair opportunities for participation. These restrictions have been developed by students and employees to reflect the philosophy of the Sports Program and Campus Administration at BYU-Idaho. Eligibility is different for each program.


Illegal Participation

Teams found to have participants not following the above eligibility policies may have their games forfeited to their opponents regardless of the actual outcome. The participants in question may be suspended from all Sports activities until they meet with the compliance council. The participant may be required to attend a misconduct meeting to resolve the issue. The Sports Activities Staff reserves the right to investigate the eligibility of any participant at any time.


Entry Fees and Charges

Entry fees and charges, varies within the Sports Program.


Dress & Grooming

With any indoor activities you are required to wear BYU-I approved issue shirts and shorts (sweat pants don’t need to be approve). For any outdoor sports activities you are not required to wear the approved clothing, but clothing must be modest. No rolled-up or cut-off sleeves, pants that are too tight, not too short, see through, bright colored or patterned. Make sure your pants blend in with the rest of the patrons and are appropriate for the sport you are playing. With Competitive sports you are required to wear the uniform for their games.



With the high use and traffic in all facilities, participants are asked to be responsible for their own garbage/trash. Your cooperation and help is also needed with keeping hazards away from all playing areas.



All games managers are required to be CPR certified.

·         There are inherent risks associated with participating in sports. The sports Program DOES NOT carry health or accident insurance for the participants. A medical insurance program is required by BYU-Idaho for all students enrolled in school. This policy covers accidents that occur during Sports Programs. All participating non-students are responsible to provide their own accidental/health insurance.


·         It is the responsibility of every person participating in sports to ascertain whether they have any health conditions that make it inadvisable to participate in that sport. The University and sports program do not assume that responsibility. Persons who are uncertain should consult their physician.

·         The sports staff should be notified of all injuries sustained during sports activities. If needed, the participant will be given first aid and referred to a physician and/or the Student Health Center. An ambulance may be dispatched – 208.496.300 – to access an injury (particularly in the event of head, neck, and back or major joint trauma). There is no cost for injury assessment but cost for ambulance treatment/transportation is the participant’s responsibility. An accident/injury report will be completed for all injuries. Participants are under their own jurisdiction to know when they can and return and participate. All participants play at their own risk and are responsible for their own injuries.



·         Good sportsmanship is absolutely essential in athletic competition. Your personal honor is what drives good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship includes thoughtfulness and concern for others; sincere admiration for the skills of teammates, opponents, and officials; self-control, humility in victory; and calmness and composure in defeat. It is fair play, following both the spirit and the letter of the rules. It is the Golden rule in action on the playing court, on the bench and in the stands. Promoting good sportsmanship in sports activities is everyone’s responsibility.

·         Manipulation of the rules and intentional fouls are a gross offense against the spirit of competition. Abusive language and/or “trash talking” toward opponents, teammates or officials are not part of the game. Participants or team who make a mockery of the game either through their actions or attire may not be allowed to participate in Sports Activities.

·         Sportsmanship is everyone’s responsibility. We hope that everyone will conduct themselves in a mature and friendly manner.



All participants for Activities, Competitive Sports, Events and Rec Sports are under obligation to comply with all rules and regulations of the program. Anyone who violets rules may have to meet and be cleared with the compliance counsel in order to participate in further activities and sports. The compliance counsel will consist of at least two individuals. This counsel will be fair and equal to all parties involved. Outcomes of the counsel will be on cases by cases scenario and completely up to the counsel. The council will look at the nature of the misconduct, how serious it was, the attitude of the participant involved as well as past misconducts or reports of the participant. All misconducts will be kept on record; past misconducts can be looked at in order to help the counsel decide on suspensions for current misconducts.



Officials have jurisdiction on the court/field before during and after game play. All calls and decisions made by officials during the game stand. Officials work with game managers to help make games run smoothly. This is a training ground for officials. Officials should be treated with respect at all times.


Events Sports Additions


Events Sports Stewardship Statement

Sports Events provides opportunities for individual to grow as leaders, participants, or spectator in short-tem (usually one-day) sporting events.

Cost Policy

·         Most Sports Events have no entry fee to participate, but do require pre-registration on Those who do not pre-register before the day of the event may be charged a $3 late fee. Those who pre-register but do not show up to participate may be charged a $3 no-show fee.


·        All proposals for new events, classes, or clinics are to be submitted at least one month prior to the proposed date of the event.  The coordinators counsel is responsible for reviewing these submissions and determining if it is feasible. All submission should be sent through:


·         For sporting events and classes, students, employees, spouses, Bishopric members and employee dependents are invited to join. With regards to the temple to temple relay alumni are welcomed to join.


·         For descriptions/times of classes check the IMLeauges or Sports Events website



Misuse of an identification card (borrowing, lending, counterfeiting, altering, etc) is a violation of the BYU Idaho Honor Code. The identification card will be confiscated and the individual attempting to use the card will be ineligible to participate. If the card belongs to another student, that student must meet with the compliance counsel in order to regain possession of their identification card. Recreational Sports reserves the right to handle eligibility violations without formal protest



We take feedback seriously; please feel free to help out our program in any way you might see fit by emailing us at Please come into the activities office and you can personally share your ideas or suggestions with us. We encourage new ideas, new activity proposals and people wanting to volunteer and get involved.


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Short-term (usually one-day) sporting events planned by students.