Volunteer Handbook

Revised:    August 23, 2011

Become a Volunteer

Recreational Sports services upwards to 6,500 participants with a staff of around 35 students per semester!  We can use you!  In addition to the great service opportunity, our volunteer positions will give you excellent practicum to help you in your personal and career advancement.  You will be able to use and develop leadership, management, communication, practical, and professional skills.  You can expect to work hours anywhere from 2 to 10 hours per week depending on your availability, ambition, and position.


Apply for a Volunteer Position and send in your résumé and cover letter to recsportsvolunteer@byui.edu.


Volunteer Areas

·         Games Management: Oversee and run sports!

o   As a games management volunteer you will lead, organize and supervise league games.  You will check in participants, hold pregame discussion and prayer, handle injury prevention, and uphold sportsmanship.  This volunteer position is crucial to our success.

·         Marketing: Create, design, publicize, advertise, develop the web, and more!

o   Real-world experience is gained in our marketing department and involves several positions and aspects.  You can design web pages, create advertisements, research publicity methods, organize booths, promote events and leagues, and coordinate with the other principal positions in our program.

·         Scheduling: Program school sports!

o   Here you will take an active part in scheduling and programming our leagues.  You will work with one of the top intramural scheduling programs in the nation. Your involvement could change the way we offer things in the future.

·         Special Events: Take stewardship over a one-time event or tournament!

o   As an events manager/committee member you can run, develop, or even create an event.  You can take stewardship over an event and take it from start to finish.  You will learn how to accomplish an actual event as well as coordinate and have fun with others. 
Working as an events volunteer is a wonderful way to serve the student body.


*To learn more in depth about administrative procedures in the Recreational Sports program, enroll in ESS 205 Intramurals class which is offered each semester.


Contact Information

·         The Activities Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, closed during Devotional. 

·         The office is located in the Manwaring Center 101. 

·         The Recreational Sports phone number is (208) 496-7450. 

·         Our email address is recsports@byui.edu