Team Captain Handbook

Revised:    August 24, 2011

Become a Captain

By creating a team on you automatically become the team captain.  As the captain, you are responsible for your players and are the vital link as an ambassador between your team and the Recreational Sports program.  After creating a team you may choose another player to be captain if you are not willing or able.


To create your team, click here.

·         Provide your phone number on IM Leagues and designate that you would like to receive text notifications.

·         Provide an appropriate team name to be used throughout the league.

·         Designate specific times that your team cannot play during the week. You must be available for at least three game times on two nights during the week.

·         Take and pass the online quiz with an 80% or better to be approved and scheduled to play games.


Captain Responsibilities and Expectations

·         Know all Policies and Procedures of Recreational Sports.

·         Act as the principal contact between your team and Recreational Sports throughout the season about any problems or concerns that may be occurring. This includes frequently checking and responding to any e-mails sent by the Recreational Sports staff.

·         Sign your team up before the announced deadline.

·         Attend the scheduled registration meeting for your sport.  You may also have someone from your team attend the registration meeting in your stead.

·         Ensure that all members of your team are eligible to play in a Recreational Sports contest.

·         Know all scheduled meetings and games, and know the rules of the sport/activity.  Pass this information along to all team members.  Contact the Recreational Sports Office for scheduling conflicts. Check your online schedule after every completed game to see if/when the next game has been scheduled.

·         Inform all players of the game time and location. This includes checking the playoff schedules the first day of posting and every day following competition.

·         Update your roster as you add new players to your team by noon of game day.

·         Arrive at the game site at least 15 minutes prior to the start of every game in order to be sure the team roster is recorded on the scorecard and that any necessary equipment is checked out.

·         Require all members of your team to present a valid ID prior to the start of every game. Photo IDs are required at all Recreational Sports activities and must be presented each time an individual plans to participate in an event. A photo ID is considered valid if it is issued by the school or other government identification card.

·         Ensure your team is at the game site on time with the minimum number of players required to play.

·         Notify the Recreational Sports staff of any safety hazards/injuries/concerns regarding participants, equipment, facilities, etc.

·         Provide scorekeepers for your game.

·         Assist the Recreational Sports staff with the implementation of the sportsmanship policy to all team members.

·         Represent each member of your team and be the only participant to discuss rule interpretations and calls with game officials. You are responsible for the actions of your team and spectators.

·         In the event a player and/or spectator is ejected from the game, assume immediate responsibility for ensuring the player(s)/spectator(s) cooperate and leave the vicinity within the allotted two minutes.  The Recreational Sports staff will notify you that the individual(s) have to leave. The game will not resume until the player(s)/spectator(s) has left the facility. Failure to comply completely with removal of the individual(s) from the vicinity within two minutes will result in forfeiting your game.

·         Any captain that gets ejected will not remain a captain for the remainder of the season. A contest may not continue without a designated captain. The Recreational Sports staff reserves the right to require teams to re-appoint a team captain when deemed necessary.

·         Cooperate with the Games Managers at the game site concerning any protests, incidents, or accidents that may occur as well as with the Recreational Sports staff the day following such occurrences. Review and sign score sheets after each game to ensure that all stats were recorded correctly.

·         File all protests, official's evaluations, time preferences, etc. with the Recreational Sports staff on time. All protests must be typed and submitted via e-mail ( by the team captain to the Recreational Sports Office.

·         A $10 forfeit fee will be charged to the account of the team captain if their team forfeits a contest without due notice (excluding Ward Captains). In order to receive a default rather than a forfeit, the captain must call the Recreational Sports staff 24 hours in advance of the contest with their request.


Contact Information

·   The Activities Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, closed during Devotional. 

·   The office is located in the Manwaring Center 101. 

·   The Recreational Sports phone number is (208) 496-7450. 

·   Our e-mail address is 

·   Our web address is


               Participants are encouraged to provide feedback and/or concerns regarding the Recreational Sports program.  Please e-mail, call, or stop by during office hours to talk to a Recreational Sports staff member with any feedback or concerns you may have.