Rule 5: Coed Modifications

Time penalties start at game time!
A forfeited game will be marked as a forfeit in the team standings and the team will receive a "2" sportsmanship rating for the contest. There are three situations that will result in a forfeit:

· Not Enough Players - Team does not have the required number of players to participate at the scheduled game time.

· Eligibility - One or more of the players participating is ineligible and therefore may not participate. Ineligibility may be due to the player being a roster violator, being previously ejected, and ruled ineligible for sportsmanship-related issues, etc.

· Sportsmanship - Game is ended by staff for sportsmanship-related issues.

Any team knowing in advance that they will be unable to play a regularly scheduled contest is provided the opportunity to default the contest. This will result in the team receiving a loss and "4" sportsmanship rating for the contest. In order to receive a default, the captain must call the Intramural Office 24 hours in advance of the contest with their request. The opposing team will then be contacted by the intramural office to let them know they do not need to arrive for their scheduled contest. A team is allowed one default per sport per season. Any request after the first default will be counted as a forfeit.
If a team has been granted a default and the contest is then canceled due to weather or
scheduling issues, the default will be removed and the contest will be played normally if it is