Rule 1: Equipment

Some eligibility restrictions are necessary to provide fair opportunities for
participation. These restrictions have been developed by students and employees to reflect
the philosophy of the Recreational Sports Program and campus administration at BYUIdaho.
The following may participate in Recreational Sports activities at BYU Idaho:

· Matriculating students

· BYU-Idaho faculty

· Staff

· Ward bishopric members

· Spouses of students

In order to participate in any intramural activity, all participants must show a valid
photo ID. An ID must include the following information and be clearly visible in order to be
considered valid: the individual's name and photograph. Identification cards that do not
have these requirements will not be accepted and the individual will not be allowed to play.
Misuse of an identification card (borrowing, lending, counterfeiting, altering, etc) is a
violation of the BYUIdaho Honor Code. The identification card will be confiscated and the
individual attempting to use the card will be ineligible to participate. If the card belongs to
another student, that student must meet with a professional staff member in order to regain
possession of their identification card.
Competitive Athlete Rule
A student is considered a "competitive player" if they are currently participating in the
Competitive Sports Program. See Policies and Procedures for information on how many
competitive players may participate on any team per each level of play.