Participant Handbook

Revised:    August 24, 2011

Become a Participant

            Recreational Sports provides a variety of sports where participants can compete and grow as leaders, team members, and individuals.  As a participant you can play in a wholesome, social atmosphere where everyone is welcome.  There are a variety of sports and competition levels within Recreational Sports for your diverse interests and abilities. League games are played once a week and practice is not required to participate.

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·         Provide your phone number on IM Leagues and designate that you would like to receive text notifications.

·         Take and pass the online quiz with an 80% or better to be approved and be scheduled to play games.


Participant Responsibilities and Expectations

We offer a wide variety of activities for BYU Idaho students and staff. However, each person who decides to participate in a Recreational Sports activity assumes responsibilities as an individual participant. Participant responsibilities include:  

·         Know your team's game time and location.

·         Arrive at the site at least 15 minutes prior to the start of every contest in order to be sure that your name is properly recorded on the scorecard and that any necessary equipment is checked out.

·         Bring a valid photo ID to all competitions. IDs are required at all Recreational Sports events and must be presented each time an individual plans to participate in an event.

·         Be familiar with all rules, schedules, and Policies and Procedures including the sportsmanship and eligibility policies of Recreational Sports.

·         Cooperating before, during, and after competition with the Recreational Sports staff on site.

·         Maintain an appearance in accordance with the standards established by the University. All men must be clean shaven (no scruff will be allowed) with sideburns trimmed to the bottom of the ear and hair that does not cover the ears or collar.

·         You must wear clothing that exemplifies the standards set forth in the honor code. No form fitting or revealing clothing may be worn including but not limited to spandex that is not covered by clothing that could be worn appropriately on its own, cut-off or sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and shorts that do not extend to the knee.

·         Shorts containing pockets may be worn in all sports except for Flag Football.

·         Brimmed hats may not be worn with the exception of grass volleyball, softball, and tennis. Stocking caps or headwear may be worn with the exception of bandanas.

·         Shoes must cover the foot completely. No boots, sandals or open-toed shoes are permitted. Cleats must not exceed ½ inch in length and must be made of a non-abrasive rubber or rubber-type material (no metal cleats).

·         No jewelry may be worn except for medical purposes including: rings, earrings, necklaces, metal hair clips (bobby pins), etc.

·         In the event that a participant is deemed to be dressed inappropriately, they will be asked to leave and can return to the contest when they meet the dress and grooming standards.



A yellow/red card system will be used to monitor unsportsmanlike behavior, rough play and improper conduct.  A participant who receives a red card shall be ejected from the game and will be required to leave the field/court before play resumes. If a player is carded and refuses to tell his name, the game will be forfeited.  Yellow cards will be given for minor offenses and are worth 1 sportsmanship point. The following are Yellow card Offenses: arguing, rough play, and taunting opponents.

Red Cards will be given for major offenses and are worth 2 sportsmanship points. The following are Red Card offenses: illegal participation, flagrant contact, profanity, fighting, threatening behavior, and inappropriate team names.

Sports Activities upholds a no-swearing/verbal abuse policy. Any participant found to be violating policy will be given an immediate Red Card.

If a player receives a red card he will be suspended from all Sports Activities until he meets with the Sports disciplinary council. Players are responsible for arranging their own misconduct meetings with Sports administration. After the player has met with the Sports disciplinary council a decision regarding the length of suspension will be made. If a player receives three sportsmanship points during a semester in one or more sports, his Sports Activities privileges will be suspended for the remainder of that semester.

Individuals that receive 6 sportsmanship points are sent a letter indicating that they will be on probation with the Sports Program for a period of 2 years.  Points begin to be dropped from an individual's record after 2 years.  An individual on probation may continue to participate. If they choose to continue to participate they are made aware that any more sportsmanship problems will result in a one-year suspension of Sports privileges. 

Players meeting with Sports administration to resolve a Red Card can expect the following as minimum consequences:

·         Swearing- 1 week (or one game for tournaments) suspension from all Sports activities

·         Use of extremely vulgar language including the F-word, taking the Lord's name in vain, etc.- 2 week suspension from all Sports activities

·         Verbal abuse- 1 week suspension from all Sports activities

·         Flagrant fouls, intentionally endangering an opponent, or threatening behavior- 2 week suspension from all Sports Activities

·         Impersonation of another player- Full semester suspension from all Sports activities

·         Striking or fighting- Full-semester suspension from all Sports activities and a referral to the Dean's Office.

NOTE: Sports Activities reserves the right to consider any suspension on a case by case scenario. The above situations are guidelines but do not restrict the department from applying stricter or more flexible suspensions if necessary.


Participant Safety and Injury

The Recreational Sports program will provide initial first response care, such as the provision of bandages, ice, or immobilization, to any participant injured during a Recreational Sports contest. 

·         There are inherent risks associated with participating in Recreational Sports. The Recreational Sports program DOES NOT carry health or accident insurance for the participants. A medical insurance program is required by BYU-Idaho for all students enrolled in school. This policy covers accidents that occur during Recreational Sports programs. Each participant should check his or her personal coverage and be certain that his or her medical insurance is adequate and current before participating in any activity. All participating non-students are responsible to provide their own accidental/health insurance.

·         It is the responsibility of every person participating in Recreational Sports to ascertain whether they have any health conditions that make it inadvisable to participate in that sport. The University and Recreational Sports program DO NOT assume that responsibility. Persons who are uncertain should consult their physician.

·         The Recreational Sports staff should be notified of ALL INJURIES sustained during Recreational Sports competition. If needed, the participant will be given first aid and referred to a physician and/or the Student Health Center. An ambulance may be dispatched (208-496-3000) TO ASSESS AN INJURY (PARTICULARLY IN THE EVENT OF HEAD, NECK, and BACK OR MAJOR JOINT TRAUMA). THERE IS NO COST FOR INJURY ASSESSMENT BUT COST FOR AMBULANCE TREATMENT/TRANSPORTATION IS THE PARTICIPANT'S RESPONSIBILITY. An accident/injury report will be completed for all injuries.

·         BYU-IDAHO Student Health Center is open M-F 8am to 5pm and is available to students for treatment of most injuries. For treatment of injuries when the Student Health Center is closed you can go to the Emergency room at Madison Memorial Hospital (450 E. Main) or Community Care (72 E. Main) which is open M-S 8am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm.


Contact Information

·   The Activities Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, closed during Devotional. 

·   The office is located in the Manwaring Center 101. 

·   The Recreational Sports phone number is (208) 496-7450. 

·   Our email address is 

               Participants are encouraged to provide feedback and/or concerns regarding the Recreational Sports program.  Please email, call, or stop by during office hours to talk to a Recreational Sports staff member with any feedback or concerns you may have.