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How to Resolve a Misconduct

If you have recieved a misconduct participating in Recreational Sports, follow the directions below to resolve it.

Purpose of Council

The purpose of the Misconduct council is to meet with individuals who receive Sportsmanship Misconducts while participating in Recreational Sports activities. The time spent with such individuals allow for the individual to present his/her case to the council regarding the circumstances of receiving the Major Misconduct. It is also an opportunity for the individual to take responsibility for his/her actions and, with the help of the council, learn how to improve in the future.

Minimum Consequences

Penalties for Major Misconducts carry the following minimum consequences. The Council does reserve the right to enforce more severe or more lenient consequences based on a case by case basis. However, for the majority of cases these minimums should be followed.

  • Swearing
    • 1 week (or one game for tournaments) suspension from all Sports activities
  • Use of extremely vulgar language including the F-word, taking the Lord's name in vain, etc.
    • 2 week suspension from all Sports activities
  • Verbal abuse of another individual
    • 2 week suspension from all Sports activities
  • Flagrant fouls, intentionally endangering an opponent, or threatening behavior
    • 2 week suspension from all Sports activities
  • Impersonation of another player
    • Full semester suspension from all Sports activities and a referral to the Dean's Office
  • Striking or fighting with another individual
    • Full semester suspension from all Sports activities and a referral to the Dean's Office

Council Procedures

  • Opening Prayer
  • Inform participant of the purpose of the Council
  • Participant's point of view
  • Council questions to the participant
  • Council deliberation with participant not present
  • Participant is informed of the decision, if a decision is made
  • Participant questions to the council
  • Closing Prayer

Major Misconducts

-Follow this link and complete the survey to set up a time to meet with the Misconduct Council

Minor Misconducts

-Be aware that furtner misconducts could result in meeting with the Misconduct Council

If you have questions you can send them to