At BYU-Idaho we are blessed with the best facilities.  With the recent growth of our campus many of our facilities are new and we would like to keep them that way.  Our facilities are built and maintained by faithful members tithing and it is our responsibility to respect them and keep them clean.  The Recreational Sports program uses the following facilities throughout the year:


Hart Main Gym

BYU-I Center #1

Hart Auxiliary West

BYU-I Center #2

Hart Auxiliary East

BYU-I Center #3

Hart Swimming Pool

BYU-I Center #4

Hart Wrestling Room

BYU-I Center #5

Racquetball Court 1

BYU-I Center #6

Racquetball Court 2

BYU-I Center #7

Racquetball Court 3

BYU-I Center #8

Racquetball Court 4

BYU-I Center #9

Racquetball Court 5

BYU-I Center #10




4-Plex #4

4-Plex #1

Upper North Playfield

4-Plex #2

Upper Middle Playfield

4-Plex #3

Upper South Playfield


Maps with specific field/court and office locations are on the web (http://www2.byui.edu/Maps/campus-map/index.html). With the high use and traffic in all facilities, participants are asked to be responsible for their own garbage/trash. Your cooperation and help is also needed with keeping hazards away from all playing areas including:

·         Bicycles

·         Scooters

·         Skateboards

Please notify Recreational Sports staff of any safety hazards regarding the equipment or facilities. Special care is also required with the new outdoor synthetic turf fields. The following is not allowed:

·         Food (including sports drinks)

·         Drinks (except water)

·         Chewing Gum

·         Sunflower Seeds

·         Pets

NOTE: Participants found to be violating this rule may be given a sportsmanship card.