Compliance Coordinator Job Description

Supervisor:  Operations Supervisor
Goal: Teach principles through Misconduct councils and misconducts. Insure the proper conduct of employees through the staff handbook and staff contract.

All Staff Duties

1)      Attend any meeting established by supervisor.
2)      Fill out weekly reflections each week.
3)      If Office Hours are established: Be present during office hours.
4)      Help protect the name of RecSports and BYU-Idaho.
5)      Complete mid-semester and final semester evaluations.
6)      Fill out end of semester report completely and accurately.
7)      Have fun this position is what you make of it.
8)      Attend the Staff Retreat.
9)      Attend all socials though out the semester.
10)   Review and understand: Policies and Procedures, Staff Handbook.

Position Duties:

1)      Misconduct Council - meeting with students who have received Major Misconducts to allow them to resolve what happened. (Make sure the following individuals are present at this council: CompSports Compliance Specialist, Officials Director, RecSports Compliance Coordinator, Operations Supervisor)
2)      Recording suspensions in Jupiter as well as Imleagues for the following:
a.      Major Misconducts
b.      Head, neck, and back injuries
3)      Recording Major and Minor Misconducts in Jupiter compliance folder (master copy).
4)      Updating rules, staff handbook, as well as policies and procedures after they have been approved by the council.
5)      Organizing and filing misconducts and other appropriate paperwork.
6)      Corresponding with students who have had head/neck/back injuries. Informing them of proper procedures in order to participate in sports after injury has been reported.
7)      Attend weekly Coordinator's Council meetings.
8)      Make spreadsheets of employee certifications (CPR, gator permit, van permit, etc.)
9)      Removing suspensions on Imleagues for students who have resolved any issues and have been approved to do so.

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