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Offering information

·         Competitive volleyball is offered for both men & women

·         The competitive volleyball leagues will be offered during the Fall semesters

·         During the offseason (Winter & Spring) volleyball will still be offered in alternative formats to help prepare & develop the coaches and players for the upcoming regular season (Fall)

·         During the regular season the league will have 10 women's & 6 men's teams with 9-12 players on each team

Participation information

·         $20 participation fee - During the competitive season participants are charged a participation fee when they are selected for a team

·         Tryouts - Each regular season will start with tryouts where players will be evaluated and then the coaches will draft their teams from the pool of eligible players who participated in tryouts

·         Rules - We use the current NFHS volleyball rules

·         Practices & Games - Players need to be available for two practices a week and a game on the weekend

·         Registration - All participants must complete the registration process before they participate in tryouts

Coordinating & Coaching

·         Student run - The program is planned and run by student volunteers with full time employee advisors.  This provides practical experience for anyone interested in coaching, officiating and sports administration in their future

·         Coordinator - Each league is run by a volunteer student coordinator

·         Coaches - Each team is coached by a volunteer student coach

·         Officials - The league is officiated by students

·         Get involved - If you are interested in being a coach, coordinator, official or anything else in the program you can apply here






2013 Fall  Lady Hurricanes Donald Hansen 2013 Fall  Hurricanes Hayley Sanders
2013 Spring Lady Spartans Chia Vang 2013 Winter Thunder Taylor Kreutz
2012 Fall  Lady Freeze Riley Nelson & Matt Lish 2012 Fall  Bruins Jamie Ellsworth & Kayla Orr
2011 Fall  Lady Spartans Spencer Sarager 2012 Spring Bruins Megan Kypke & Courtney Longshore
2011 Spring  Lady Wildcats Brock Peniata 2011 Fall  Knights Elizabeth McKinney
2010 Fall  Lady Freeze Marcus Camden 2011 Spring  Wildcats Mikaela Fisher
2010 Spring  Lady Hurricanes Dexter Powers 2010 Fall Vikings Karaska Crow & Annie Ogle
2009 Fall  Lady Thunder Kelly Wilcox 2010 Spring  Hawks Rachel Ricks
2009 Fall JV Lady Wildcats TJ Packard 2009 Fall  Knights Annalyse Doman
2009 Spring  Lady Knights Jereme Conley 2009 Spring  Thunder Myranda Dudgeon & Laura Schvaneveldt
2008 Fall Lady Bruins Shane Anderson 2008 Fall  Spartans Myranda Dudgeon & Laura Schvaneveldt
2008 Fall JV Lady Bruins Shane Anderson 2008 Summer Hawks Mikyla Powell
2008 Summer Lady Wildcats Bret Johnson 2007 Fall  Vikings Kristina Cary
2007 Fall A Lady Vikings Kirsten Cook 2007 Summer Knights Lisa Macedo
2007 Fall B Lady Hurricanes Kirsten Cook 2006 Fall A Knights
2007 Summer Lady Vikings Kathryn Redd 2006 Fall B Hurricanes
2006 Fall A Lady Hawks 2006 Summer Knights
2006 Fall B Lady Wildcats 2005 Fall Blue Spartans
2006 Summer Lady Hurricanes 2005 Fall Gold Knights
2005 Fall Blue Lady Vikings 2005 Summer  Spartans
2005 Fall Gold Lady Spartans 2004 Fall  Spartans
2005 Summer Lady Thunder 2004 Summer  Thunder
2004 Fall  Lady Hawks 2003 Fall Spartans Neil Minetto
2004 Summer  Lady Spartans 2003 Summer  Thunder
2003 Fall  Lady Spartans Katie Quenzer 2002 Fall  Knights Johnny Bankhead & Nick Hunter
2003 Summer Lady Spartans
2002 Fall  Lady Rebels Rayann Allred