Sports First Aid

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Stewardship Statement

Provide support in the prevention and management of sports injuries for competitive sports programs.





Sports First Aid Advisor

Jodi Howard ATC-R

Hart 155


If you have received a white mandatory removal injury report, please contact Sister Howard before returning to practice or games.





Sports first aid student director





Treatment Room:

Location: Hart room 161
Hours: Mon thru Fri 2:00-7:00pm (Tues: 3:00-7:00pm)
Contact Info: 208-496-7470


Tape Room:

Location: Hart 189


Sport game attendance:

Spring Track:  Men's and Women's Lacrosse, Track and Field, and Ultimate Frisbee

Location: First aid cart will be in proximity to play fields for scheduled games.


Services offered:

 (Athletes must be on competitive sports team roster to receive services.)

1) Taping and wrapping before practice and games.

2) Care of acute injuries



If you are interested in volunteering with sports first aid please come to the treatment room during our open hours and ask about opportunities.


Sports Injury Info:

For more information on treating sports injuries click here.