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Fall Semester 2014 (Men's and Women's)

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New Competitive Soccer Information: 

Maximum Number of Participants: Men's- 108, Women's- 108

Maximum Number of Teams: Men's- 6, Women's- 6

Participation Requirements: 
All participants must have an IM Leagues account and complete the participation forms to become eligible to try out for any sport.
The forms can be found here  you must complete all of the forms within 24 hours.
To create an IM Leagues account Click here
Coaching Application: If you are interested in coaching please apply here

Contact Us:

Coordinator Information:


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Practice Times

Monday & Wednesday 4-6 or Tuesday Thursday 4-6


$15 participation fee (includes team socks) - charged when you are drafted to a team

Issue Clothing

 Participants may wear their own Honor Code appropriate clothing for practice outdoors.

 No Metal cleats to be used on turf fields

 Indoor practices must use the BYU-Idaho Issue clothing.

 Uniforms Pick up date will be notified by coach

 Uniform return date notified by coach


Coaches may participate and coach concurrently.  Would prefer to have coaching only.

The participation fee applies to player coaches, but not coaching only.

To apply click here

Rules-- Modifications

FIFA rules are enforced

BYU-Idaho Sports Slide Tackling Policy

Slide tackling is prohibited, and any player in violation of this rule will be issued a sportsmanship infraction.

Sliding is not a violation of the soccer rules, as long as it does not endanger any other player on the field.

Slide tackling shall be defined as player sliding in a way that endangers another player, i.e. sliding while trying to take the ball from another player's control or fighting for possession.

* All calls are under the judgment of the official.

Soccer offerings are tentativley scheduled to be offered the following semesters:

Fall 2012

Spring 2013

Fall 2013

Spring 2014

Fall 2014

Winter 2014 (Potential)

Click on the link below for more information about:

-Team and player statitstics

-Games schedules

-League standings

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