New Program Offerings


Competitive Sports Program Change to Traditional offerings

                                          Starting Winter 2014

Competitive sports is changing the way it offers sports on campus.  Beginning January 2014 each sport will be offered one time a year in the semester which best correlates to its traditional season. 

By going to traditional seasons we hope to better achieve the competitive sports objectives: 

•·         Improve the quality of the experience

•·         Be better prepared to manage the program and risks.

•·         Allow for better communication  (What we are doing, when we are doing it, and how to get involved)

•·         Better development  of our participants  (athlete's skill & conditioning, coaches trained and prepared, officials trained)

In addition to league play this change will allow us to offer additional opportunities in the off season.  Clinics, tournaments, conditioning sessions, and Rec sports opportunities, will aid in player development. These additional opportunities will help players get in shape early and will allow them to be seen by coaches prior to tryouts.  This also gives potential coaches an opportunity to be trained and practice coaching prior to being selected as a coach for the regular season. 

*We invite all students to come and tryout. Players must come prepared and in shape to play their sport. For each sport we will be doing baseline testing with physical fitness and skills to better know the athletes coming in and better determine who will make the teams.







Competitive League

Clinics,  3x3 Tournament

Clinics, Rec Sports League


Clinics, Tournament

Competitive League

Clinics, Rec Sports League


Clinic, Conditioning

7on7 Tournament

Competitive League

To facilitate the improvement of each sport, Coordinators will be selected up to a year in advance.  They will select assistant coordinators who will help prepare, plan and run the off season offerings as well as the regular season.  This will create more opportunities for selecting and training coaches, marketing and promoting each sport to get students excited for their traditional season.

Questions and Answers for New Traditional sports offerings

 1.       Which semester will each sport have the Competitive sports season?

Winter  Semester

Spring Semester

Fall Semester




Spirit Team - Stunt



Spirit Team-Cheer


Water Polo





Track and Field

Cross Country


Spirit Team- Color Guard



Spirit Team- Dance

2.       How many time will each sport be offered each year?

•·         Each sport will have one regular season per year.  During the off season semesters there will be opportunities to participate in clinics, tournaments, free play or RecSports leagues.

3.       Will competitive sports have cuts?

•·         Yes.   Participants must meet minimum requirements to participate, some sports have the need to make cuts because of the number of participants that tryout.  Please see individual sport sites for more information.

4.       When will practice be?

•·         Practice times will be determined before the season starts.  This will require those who want to participate to make themselves available during these assigned times.  For practice times please see individual sports link.

5.       Will the university change my track to be able to participate in your sport's season?

•·         No.   However you can play during any semester as long as you're a matriculating student or spouse of a matriculating student. 

We would like to invite any students interested in coordinating to apply  NOW