Leadership Positions

We are accepting applications for competitive sports leadership positions for Winter and Spring 2013.

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Here are the application deadlines for the winter 2013 semester

Area Director - October 19th - (scholarship)

Directors - October 26th - (scholarship)

Operations Supervisor - October 26th - (paid)

Sport Coordinators - November 2nd - (volunteer)

Operations Leads - November 2nd - (mostly paid)


Ø  Area Directors and Directors are required to attend a mandatory training retreat January 4-5, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Ø  Area Directors are required to be available for Thursday weekly meetings from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Ø  Directors are required to lead weekly meetings on Mondays at 5:00 p.m.

Ø  Coordinators are required to attend weekly Monday 5:00 p.m. meetings.


Practice times will either be 6-10 a.m. or 3-6 p.m. depending on the sport and depending on court space. Practices are typically held 2 days a week for 1- 1 ½ hr. duration.


Here is the link to see other requirement details and apply. http://www.byui.edu/activities/get-involved


Potential offerings in need of coordinators

·       If there are no coordinator applicants prior to the deadline (Nov. 2nd) the sport will not be offered. 

·       Certain sports are given priority in each semester according to the offering rotation. If we do not get applicants to run the priority sports then we look at the possibility of running the other sports that do get applications for coordinators. Sports with (*) will be given priority during that semester


Winter 2013 (Coordinator application deadline - November 2, 2012) - All winter sports are indoor

*Basketball - Men & Women (primarily afternoon/evening practices)

*Indoor Distance - Men & Women

*Spirit Team - Cheer team, Color Guard, Dance

*Swimming - Men & Women

*Tennis - Men & Women (primarily early morning practices)

*Volleyball - Men (primarily early morning practices)

*Wrestling - Men

Futsal - Men & Women

Indoor Ultimate - Men & Women

Indoor football touch league

Floor hockey


Team Handball



Spring 2013

*Basketball - Men

*Fastpitch Softball - Women

*Golf - Men & Women

*Lacrosse - Men & Women

*Slowpitch Softball - Men

*Soccer - Men & Women

*Spirit Team - Cheer, Color Guard, Dance

*Tennis - Men & Women

*Track & Field - Men & Women

*Ultimate Frisbee - Men & Women

*Volleyball - Women

*Water Polo - Men & Women


Team Handball



Fall 2013

*Basketball - Women

*Cross Country - Men & Women

*Football - Men

*Golf - Men & Women

*Slowpitch Softball - Men & Women

*Soccer - Men & Women

*Spirit Team - Cheer, Color Guard, Dance

*Ultimate Frisbee - Men & Women

*Volleyball - Men & Women

*Swimming - Men & Women

Tennis - Men & Women


Team Handball



Other possible sports

If you have another sport you would like to see run in competitive sports use the link below to submit a proposal.