Spring Semester 2014 (Men and Women)
 Men's Schedule:


Location Date/Time Final Score
Vikings v Hawks 4-plex May 10th @ 9am 8-2
Spartans v Knights 4-plex May 10th @11am 5-4
(0-1)Knights v Hawks(0-1) 4-plex May 17th @9am 3-2
(1-0)Vikings vSpartans(1-0) 4-plex May 17th @11am 8-5
(2-0)Vikings v Knights(1-1) 4-plex May 31st @11am 4-7
(0-2)Hawks v Spartans(1-1) Stadium May 31st @8pm 3-10
(2-1)Knights v Spartans(2-1) 4-plex June 7th @9am 1-5
(0-3)Hawks v Vikings(2-1) 4-plex June 7th @11am 1-12
(3-1)Spartans v Vikings(3-1) 4-plex June 14th @9am 7-6
(0-4)Hawks v Knights(2-2) 4-plex June 14th @11am 3-9
(4-1)Spartans v Hawks(0-5) 4-plex June 21st @9am 7-2
(3-2)Knights v Vikings(3-2) 4-plex June 21st @11am 6-4

Playoff (5-1)Spartans v Hawks(0-6)

4-plex June 28th @9am 10-2
Playoff (4-2)Knights v Vikings (3-3) 4-plex June 28th  @11am 9-1
Championship(6-1) Spartans v Knights (5-2) Stadium July 12th @8pm 6-2


Women's Schedule


Location Date/Time Final Score
Knights v Hawks 4-plex May 17th @9am 7-4
Spartans v Titans 4-plex May 17th @11am 6-5
(0-1)Hawks v Titans(0-1) 4-plex May 31st @11am 3-9
(1-0)Spartans v Knights(1-0) Stadium May 31st @6pm 11-9
(1-1)Knights v Titans(1-1) 4-plex June 7th @9am 0-5
(0-2)Hawks v Spartans(2-0) 4-plex June 7th @11am 6-4
(2-1)Titans v Spartans(2-1) 4-plex June 14th @9am 11-6
(1-2)Hawks v Knights(1-2) 4-plex June 14th @11am 3-11
(3-1)Titans v Hawks(1-3) 4-plex June 21st @9am 13-3
(2-2)Knights v Spartans(2-2) 4-plex June 21st @11am 11-9
Playoff (4-1)Titans v Hawks(1-4) 4-plex June 28th @9am -
Playoff (3-2)Knights v Spartans (2-3) 4-plex June 28th  @11am 9-11
Championship(5-1)Titans v Spartans (3-3) Stadium July 12th @8pm -

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